twitter buys summize


Josh and I have an unspoken, schadenfreude-fueled competition going to see who can portend the most doom for Twitter, but today I’m going to shelve that and actually give the service some kudos.

Twitter’s load-bearing capability is as robust as a matchstick house, and a solution for that continues to be its greatest need, but a close second was a decent search functionality. They’ve solved that today by announcing that they’ve acquired Summize, which now resides at Instead of trying to spend developer hours trying to reinvent the wheel, they’ve brought an excellent solution in-house.

This is a shot in the arm that Twitter needed badly. Twitter knows this as well as anyone; according to Om, it’s a shot that they might given away 10% of the company to get. There’s no shortage of pretenders to Twitter’s throne (Plurk, FriendFeed) but Twitter has one indisputable leg up on both: a large established audience, albeit one that has a love/hate relationship with the service. Plurk, in particular, feels like a ghost town.

An interesting thing to watch for now is to see what will become of the others who stepped up to fill Twitter’s search vacuum, like Tweetmeme, Tweet Scan and TweetIP.


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One Response to “twitter buys summize”

  1. nmartira Says:

    I never had good luck with Tweet Scan so I’m excited to try this new search functionality. And what’s up with Twitter, anyway? It’s been weeks since I’ve seen the Fail Whale. I’m starting to miss his little cetacean face.

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